KIPP LA Schools (KIPP LA) is a nonprofit organization that operates free, public charter schools open to all students focused on preparing students in East and South Los Angeles for success in college, and life.


KIPP LA's mission is to teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits, and cultivate the character traits needed for our students to thrive in high school, college, and life.



We believe that ALL students, will learn and achieve if given the right opportunities and support. We are committed to educating the students who need us most and refuse to accept anything less than an excellent college-preparatory education for our students.


KIPP LA's teachers, leaders, students, and families are all united around a single goal: preparing students for success in college and choice-lived lives. Our curricula are designed to provide students a well-rounded education, with time dedicated to academics, the arts, enrichment, and physical education. KIPP LA’s educators are committed to continually improving their teaching skills and to giving students the support and motivation they need to make it not only to, but also through college. 


The future of our country depends upon our commitment to providing all children with access to a great education. Nationally only one in ten low-income students graduates. The data suggest the rate is even lower for students in South and East Los Angeles.