Our Approach

All KIPP LA fosters a culture of innovation where leaders and teachers and empowered to make creative decisions. By using instructional technology, our teachers assess student achievement and ensure that all students learn and grow. Read about innovation at KIPP LA.

Our Core Principles

All KIPP LA schools share a core set of five differentiators that are common to all KIPP schools.

High Expectations

At KIPP LA we believe that all students will learn and achieve at the highest levels. We create a culture of support and achievement and personalized learning based on a student's needs, skills and interests.  Meet our students.


Focus on Character

We believe that our students need both a strong academic foundation and well-developed character strengths to succeed in college and the world beyond. Discover KIPP LA's approach to academics and character.

Highly EffectiveTeachers & Leaders

KIPP LA believes that outstanding schools are built, led, and sustained by empowered leaders. In KIPP LA schools, great leaders support excellent teachers help students develop the character, knowledge, habits of mind, and skills needed to be successful in college and beyond.  Learn more about KIPP LA's teachers and leaders.

Safe, Structured and Nurturing Environments

KIPP LA schools provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment so that our students thrive and maximize their learning.

KIPP Through College

KIPP LA teachers, leaders, and team members are united around a shared goal: to prepare KIPP LA students for college and choice-filled lives. KIPP Through College counselors support our students as they prepare for college and career, and navigate social, academic and financial challenges while in college. Read about KIPP Through College.