KIPP Comienza Community Prep

Be the change. Comienza.

KIPP Comienza Community Prep is a tuition-free public charter elementary school that opened in the summer of 2010 in the Southeastern Cities. KIPP Comienza serves 420 students in kindergarten through third grade. Next year, we will reach full enrollment as a K–4 elementary school serving 520 students.

KIPP Comienza Community Prep is built on the belief that great schools and strong relationships transform communities. The mission of KIPP Comienza is to teach the academic skills, cultivate the character traits, provide the learning experiences, and forge the community relationships needed for our elementary students to thrive in middle school, high school, college, and life.




For the agendas and minutes from KIPP LA Schools' public board meetings, please click here.  



- KIPP Comienza Community Prep scored an API score of 978 making it the third highest performing school in LAUSD.

- KIPP Comienza Community Prep is the #1 performing school in California out of schools serving at/above 60% English Language Learners.


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