KIPP Iluminar Academy

KIPP Iluminar Academy is a tuition-free public charter elementary school that opened in summer 2013. KIPP Iluminar Academy will serve 220 kindergarten and first grade students in 2013-14, and will add one grade each year until we reach capacity in 2016 with 530 students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

At KIPP Iluminar Academy we believe that the complexities of our world will require our children to brighten our future with critical thought and imagination. Through rigorous teaching and learning, collaborative character development, and arts-based learning experiences, our children will become innovative individuals that take risks for the good of our collective community and persevere as they seek knowledge through college and beyond. 






KIPP Iluminar Academy innovators have met their growth goals on MAP this year!  

Innovators and families enjoyed a viewing of Frozen under the stars as a year end celebration of academic growth!  



Fun Updates

At KIPP Iluminar Academy, our high expectations last all year round!  Summer Homework can be accessed here.  

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events available.