High School Placement 

Back row, L-R: Nicole Gutierrez, High School Placement Manager, Nicole Winborne, High School Placement Counselor, Dolly Figueroa, High School Placement Counselor. Front row, L-R: Christina Calderon, High School Placement Counselor, Ve'Cartier Johnson, High School Placement Counselor, Natalie Hernandez, High School Placement Counselor

College Access 


Back row, L-R: Alana Herbert, College Advisor Fellow, Lateaira Boyd, College Match Counselor, Lonneshia Webb, Senior Manager of KIPP Through College, Denise Maldonado, College Advisor Fellow, De'Jah Smoot, College Match Counselor. Front row, L-R: Marlene Rivera, College Match Counselor, Diana Villa, College Access Manager

 College Persistence

Back row, L-R: Quine Jones, College Success Counselor, Ricky Randle, College Success and Career Counselor, Lupe Cruz, College Success Counselor. Front row, L-R: Denise Leon, College Success Counselor, Belen Sanchez, Director of KIPP Through College