Our Blended Learning Model

KIPP Empower Academy utilizes a blended learning model to deliver high quality outcomes to students in South Los Angeles. Through the utilization of this model the school is able to provide small group instruction in all core areas of instruction including reading, writing, math, and science.

KIPP LA Schools has compiled a set of resources about the implementation and operation of KEA's innovative approach to share with interested parties. Available for your perusal are the following:

  • Detailed Video: A ten minute video that goes into fine detail on the development, implementation, and impact of the model.
  • KEA Case Study: A comprehensive informational document for educators interested in implementing a blended learning model at their school or in their classroom (KIPP LA thanks the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation for their generous support in generating this case study).
  • Lessons Learned: Through the launch of KEA, KIPP LA has learned some key lessons that are applicable to others seeking to get their blended learning schools off the ground.
  • FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about blended learning and KIPP Empower Academy.

To join a tour of KIPP Empower Academy, please email us.